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Butter Chicken Recipe

How to make Tasty and Delicious Butter Chicken Recipe at Home

Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter Chicken Recipe: This is my fs also among the best-known recipe in all over India. Butter favorite recipe and chicken is usually served with butter naans, roti, chapati, ghee rice, jeera rice or plain steamed rice.

Butter Chicken Recipe Ingredients:
1.Chicken: 1 kg
2.Tomato puree: 2 cups
3.Onion paste: 1 cup
4.Ginger Garlic paste: 2 tbsp
5.Green Chili: 2 nos
6.Meat Masala powder: 2 tbsp
7.Food Color: 1/4 tsp
8.Red Chili powder: 1 tbsp
9.Garam Masala: 1 1/2 tbsp
10.Dhania powder: 1 1/2 tbsp
11.Kasoori Methi: 2 tbsp
12.Butter: 100 gms
13.Coconut paste (Optional): 1/2 cup (Add more if you need more gravy)
14.Turmeric Powder: 1/4 tsp
15.Cinnamon, Cloves and Cardamom (Elaichi) powder: Make 1/4 tsp of powder with 2 sticks of cinnamon, 4 cloves and 2 cardamom
16.Salt to taste
17.Coriander for garnish

Butter Chicken Recipe Cooking Method:
Chicken Marination
Take a bowl and add chicken, 1/2 cup onion paste, 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste, 1 tsp salt, food color and mix well. Keep aside for Marination 1 hour.

Preparation Process:
1. In a pan on medium heat add butter. When the butter melts add the remaining onion paste and mix well for around 5 minutes till the raw smell of onion no longer exists.
2. Add the green chili and cut into long slices and add ginger garlic paste and mix well for 3 minutes.
3. Add tomato puree and cook for another 5 minutes
4. Then add 1/4th cup of water.
5. Add coriander powder, meat masala powder, Garam masala powder, turmeric powder, chili powder and mix well.
6. Now add the marinated chicken and cook for 18 minutes with a lid covering the pan on low flame.
7. At this stage add cinnamon, cloves and cardamom powder, kasoori methi and coconut paste. If you want more gravy you can add more water and salt.
8. Cook for another 10 minutes or so until the chicken is well cooked.
Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot. This delicious Butter Chicken goes very well with all types of Roties and flavored rice like Ghee Rice and Jeera Rice.

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